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Labour Law

We provide professional services in the field of individual and collective labour law. Our team offers advice in respect of the preparation of employment contracts, including contracts for managers, work regulations, remuneration regulations, company social benefits fund regulations, as well as other internal regulations and by-laws. Our team has extensive experience in the field of: procedures for imposing penalties; financial liability, including the drafting of agreements on joint financial liability of employees; and termination of employment contracts, including collective redundancies. The scope of our services also includes labour law-related advice in the context of reorganisation of companies, temporary work, employment of foreigners, and posting of employees to work in the European Union. We also represent our clients in labour disputes and support them in negotiations with trade unions and employees.

Corporate Law

We provide advice to our clients at the stage of formation, operation and winding up of companies and their branches. Our team has extensive experience in corporate services provided to both Polish and foreign entities. When starting up a business, we offer advice to help select its form that will prove to be the most beneficial from the legal and taxation point of view; we also prepare all documents required to set up a new entity. The scope of our services includes in particular the following: drafting rules of procedure for management, supervisory or control bodies; preparing contracts with members of the company’s governing bodies; drafting resolutions of ordinary and extraordinary shareholders’ meetings, and participating in those meetings on behalf of our clients; preparing documents relating to capital injection by means of share capital increase, loans from shareholders, or additional contributions. We provide advice relating to reorganisation, i.e. in mergers, divisions or transformations of companies, in matters regarding improvement of financial situation of companies, and in winding-up procedures. We also represent our clients in court proceedings to repeal or invalidate resolutions, in disputes between shareholders or disputes relating to the liability of members of governing bodies of companies, and in actions for court-ordered dissolution of companies.

Bankruptcy and Restructuring Law

We provide advisory services in the field of bankruptcy proceedings, including both winding-up and arrangement procedures, restructuring proceedings, bankruptcy proceedings against natural persons who do not conduct business activities (consumer bankruptcy), and in the field of international bankruptcy proceedings. Our team is also experienced in cases involving proceedings commenced after the death of a debtor, and proceedings to deprive the debtor of the right to conduct business. The scope of our services includes, in particular, the preparation of bankruptcy petitions, submissions of claims, applications for exclusion from the bankruptcy estate, objections to the lists of claims, and objections against distribution plans. We offer assistance in the preparation of reorganisation plans for enterprises and the documentation required to initiate restructuring proceedings. Moreover, our team represents clients before an official receiver, court supervisor, administrator or judge-commissioner, initiates talks with creditors to conduct bankruptcy proceedings with a possibility of arrangement, and negotiates the forms and terms of debt repayment with them.

Public Economic Law

We provide services in the field of public economic law by advising clients on matters relating to the regulation of business activity. Our team will assist you, among other things, in obtaining concessions, permits, licenses and approvals. We also regularly advise European and non-European entities on how to commence and then conduct business in the Republic of Poland, and offer assistance in contacts with authorities and financial institutions. Our team also has extensive experience in representing clients in matters relating to building permits or permits for foreigners to acquire real estate.

Construction Law

We provide comprehensive professional services relating to construction processes. We advise our clients on administrative and legal issues related to the preparation of construction projects for implementation, and provide assistance in administrative proceedings prior to the commencement of construction works. We also support our clients at the stage of project implementation and at the stage of project completion, offering assistance in administrative proceedings aimed, among other things, at obtaining a substitute building permit, occupancy permit, etc. The scope of our services also includes comprehensive legal assistance related to the signature, termination and performance of contracts concluded in the course of an investment process. In particular, we have extensive experience in preparing and negotiating construction contracts, including those based on FIDIC Conditions of Contract, design work and project architect’s supervision contracts, investor supervision contracts, including contracts awarded under the public procurement procedure. We advise our clients during the performance of those contracts, with particular focus on providing legal assistance in contentious situations. In addition, we represent our clients in court proceedings, including arbitration proceedings conducted in connection with the implementation of investment projects.

Public Procurement

We provide advice at every stage throughout the course of a public procurement procedure, as well as after its completion, i.e. during performance of public procurement contracts. The scope of our services also includes assistance in preparing public procurement procedures, as we have extensive experience in working with awarding entities. Our services include in particular the following: drawing up opinions and providing legal advice in the area of public procurement; providing assistance in preparing and conducting public procurement procedures; drafting and lodging legal remedies; representing clients before the National Appeal Chamber (KIO) and the Court; and providing comprehensive advice during the performance of public procurement contracts, with particular focus on the analysis of the possibility to amend a public procurement contract or award an additional and/or supplementary contract.

Representation before Courts and Administrative Authorities

We provide legal assistance in respect of representing clients in civil litigation before common courts and in arbitration proceedings. Having worked for many years within authorities conducting administrative proceedings, we have experience in the field of legal representation in administrative court proceedings, as well as in proceedings before public administration authorities. Our services also encompass pre-trial consultancy, including all steps taken to end disputes amicably through mediation, pre-court settlements, or conciliation. Our offer includes in particular handling litigation arising out of construction work contracts, investor supervision contracts, design work and project architect’s supervision contracts, or disputes arising out of labour law or corporate law.

Environmental Law

As part of services related to providing legal assistance in matters of environmental law and waste management, we offer comprehensive legal assistance in obtaining necessary permits issued primarily under the Act on Waste, the Act on Maintaining Cleanliness and Order in Municipalities, and the Water Law. Within the aforementioned scope, we prepare applications and conduct comprehensive proceedings in cases relating, among other things, to the issuance of decisions on environmental conditions, water-law permits, permits for collection or transport of waste, its recovery or disposal. We represent clients before courts and public administration authorities in all matters related to environmental protection, water and sewage management, and waste management, including cases involving penalties, charges or liability for environmental damage, and in disputes relating to liability for violation of environmental laws or disputes relating to rights and obligations in the field of waste management. We draft and negotiate contracts relating to rights and obligations arising under environmental law (contracts regarding waste management or water and sewage management), and prepare analyses and legal opinions relating to environmental law and waste management. We assist businesses in performing their obligations under economic law or environmental law in the least burdensome manner and in a way that will be beneficial for their operations. We also offer legal assistance in the establishment of foundations, associations or commercial law companies whose objects of business include issues related to environmental protection.

Family and Inheritance Law

We provide comprehensive services in the field of family law, guardianship law and inheritance law based on our extensive and long-term experience. The scope of our legal assistance includes actions for divorce or separation, deprivation or limitation of parental responsibility, child or spousal maintenance (including enforcement of maintenance obligations), visitation rights, establishment or denial of paternity or maternity, recognition of foreign divorce decrees, or division of property. We provide legal assistance in cases regarding adoption, establishment of guardianship, incapacitation, or appointment of a guardian (e.g. for an absent or incapacitated person, or to represent a child). We also handle family matters for individuals who temporarily or permanently reside abroad.

In the field of inheritance law, we handle cases for the confirmation of inheritance acquisition, distribution of the estate, for a reserved portion of the estate, and for declaring an heir to be unworthy of inheritance. In cases whose subject matter is delicate or requires an individual approach, we provide help to ensure that proceedings are conducted in the least burdensome manner possible.

Criminal Law

We offer comprehensive legal assistance in matters related to criminal law and criminal procedure. Our team provides legal services at each and every stage of proceedings, including pre-trial proceedings conducted by the Police and the Public Prosecutor’s Office. We defend the accused in criminal courts and represent our clients in criminal proceedings as attorneys for the injured party, auxiliary prosecutors, private prosecutors or claimants (civil plaintiffs). The scope of our services also includes cases related to penal enforcement law, penal fiscal law, and petty offences law.

We are a well-integrated team of attorneys-at-law who are experienced in providing corporate services to Polish and foreign companies, local government units, large and medium-sized businesses, micro-entrepreneurs and individual clients.

We provide comprehensive services within the scope of economic law, civil law, administrative law and criminal law. The distinctiveness of legal interests of individual partners creates a wide range of legal services that we can offer. We cooperate with experienced tax advisors, accountants, notaries and sworn translators. We ensure high standard of services, which results not only from our experience but also from the ability to use and apply academic achievements of our lawyers in our advisory services.

We are committed to meeting all expectations of our clients and to providing legal assistance to both entrepreneurs and individuals who require support in various life situations.

We offer services in German and English.


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